Sunday, February 24, 2013

Foster Beall, My Dad

Today is February 24, 2013.  It has been four years, almost to the hour, that my Dad died.  I miss him very much.  Not because we were very close, but because we weren't.  One of the hardest things to deal with are emotions that can never be expressed.  In his last years I tried to impress upon him the love and loss I felt for him.  At every opportunity I would have his grandsons talk and visit with him.   Still, four years after the last time I spoke with him I tell my boys as much as I can about him.  My youngest will never know him and he only has a vague memory of his grandfather.  That makes my very sad, but I will never stop telling him about the man that was my father. 

Today we celebrate the man, Foster Clinton Beall.  We will eat one of his favorite desserts, apple pie with cheese melted on top.  I love you and miss you Dad.

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